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Develop your assertiveness skills online, with support from an expert trainer.

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How it Works

Our course is delivered by email in a .pdf format, so you can download the material to your computer and print it off if you prefer. This means you can work on your computer, laptop, tablet or ipad. You'll be supported throughout the course by an expert assertiveness trainer. 

The Course

If you find it difficult to make yourself heard at work or feel overlooked in your personal life this course is for you! The activities throughout the course will help you to develop the confidence and skills you need to make a positive, lasting impression and achieve your goals. 

About Us

Our CPD Certificate in Assertiveness Skills  is offered by Borders Connect, an expert provider of coaching and therapy training. Our training is accredited by the ODLQC and the ACCPH. We're a registered provider with the Online Learning Council. 

Lisa AakerAssertiveness Course

I started the course because I was really struggling at work - I found it difficult to say 'no' and I was constantly overloaded. It more than met my expectations. My trainer helped me to apply all of the lessons to my personal situation and together we planned out strategies I could use at work. They were really effective and I now have a much more manageable workload. Just as important, I've been able to make changes in many other areas of my life too. 

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